January 28, 2009

NASA: Public can pick next Hubble mission

The U.S. space agency is inviting the public to select one of six astronomical objects for the Hubble Space Telescope's next mission.

The objects are ones Hubble has not yet photographed and range from far away galaxies to dying stars. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration said the voting will continue until March 1.

NASA said Hubble's camera will make a high resolution image revealing new details about the object that receives the most votes. The image will be released during the International Year of Astronomy's 100 Hours of Astronomy to be observed April 2-5.

Votes can be cast at http://YouDecide.Hubblesite.org.

Everyone who votes also will be invited to enter into a random drawing to receive one of 100 copies of the Hubble photograph made of the winning celestial body.