March 24, 2009

EPA says global warming is dangerous

An U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finding on the dangers of global warming could force a change in national policy, environmental groups said.

The conclusion that greenhouse gas emissions are dangerous was sent to the White House on Friday, The Washington Post reported. The newspaper said the finding could have major implications for the U.S. economy and environment.

This is historic news, Frank O'Donnell of the public watchdog group Clean Air Watch told the Post. It will set the stage for the first-ever national limits on global warming pollution. And it is likely to help light a fire under Congress to get moving.

The EPA's report to the White House was in response to a 2007 Supreme Court decision ordering the EPA to consider whether carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases should be regulated under the Clean Air Act, the newspaper said.

Bill Kovacs, of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, told the Post the finding could be devastating to the economy, forcing a halt to infrastructure projects under U.S. President Barack Obama's stimulus initiative that could be subject to environmental review.