March 25, 2009

Injection drug is recalled in Canada

Health Canada says certain lots of the drug Desferrioxamine Mesilate for Injection (500 milligram and 2 gram format) are being recalled for safety reasons.

The drug's distributor, the Hospira Healthcare Corp., said lot No. U072231AA in 500mg format and lot No. U102237AA in 2g format have the potential for very small particles to form after preparation for intravenous administration, thereby presenting a safety hazard. The lot number is found on the label of the carton.

Health Canada said the cloudiness is a result of very small particles that form when preparing the solution. Since the drug is administered by intravenous injection, the particles might induce blockage of small blood vessels. Health Canada says it recommends a cloudy solution not be administered.

Desferrioxamine Mesilate is prescribed for the treatment of acute-chronic iron intoxication and chronic aluminum overload in dialysis patients with end-stage renal failure.

Health Canada said any product from an affected lot should be returned for replacement, but patients should not stop the use of Desferrioxamine Mesilate without consulting a healthcare practitioner.