April 3, 2009

Physics historian Martin Klein dead at 84

Martin J. Klein, a historian of modern physics and editor of Albert Einstein's papers, has died at the age of 84 in Chapel Hill, N.C., his daughter said.

Klein, a physicist, edited papers that documented Einstein's revolutionary work on the theory of relativity, The New York Times reported Friday.

From 1949 to 1966, Klein, who died Saturday, was a physics professor at the Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland. In 1967, he moved to Yale where he became chairman of the university's department of science history four years later.

In 2005, Klein was awarded the Abraham Pais Prize for work that profoundly influenced generations of historians of physics, the Times reported.

Klein was born in New York to Adolph and Mary Neuman Klein, both schoolteachers. He received his bachelor's degree and master's degree from Columbia University and his doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Klein, who was married three times, is survived by daughters Sarah Zaino, Rona Klein, Nancy Klein and Abby Klein.