April 7, 2009

Setton Farms pistachios recall is expanded

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced an expansion of the nationwide recall of possibly bacterially tainted pistachios.

The FDA said Setton Farms Inc. of Terra Bella, Calif., is expanding its voluntary recall of pistachios to include all roasted shelled pistachios and roasted in-shell pistachios from its 2008 crop due to potential contamination with salmonella.

Company officials said they are also recalling raw shelled pistachios that weren't roasted prior to retail sale.

Recalled bulk pistachios, mostly in 25-pound bags but ranging to 2,000-pound containers, were distributed across the United States and to Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Norway, Ukraine and Ecuador.

Recalled pistachios packaged in 3-ounce to 5-pound bags were sold across the United States under various brand names including Delallo, Kirkland-CostCo, Sam's Choice, Slater Bros., Trader Joe, Sunset Valley and Setton Farms.

Setton is the second largest U.S. pistachio processor, distributing its California pistachios across the United States and to more than 30 other countries.