April 22, 2009

Begley suggests gradual eco-friendly pace

U.S. actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. says becoming eco-friendly can be a gradual process rather than a major life overhaul.

Speaking in Orange, Texas, Tuesday night, Begley compared developing an eco-friendly lifestyle to climbing a mountain and recommended a step-by-step method rather than a one-time attempt, the Beaumont (Texas) Enterprise said Wednesday.

You don't have to run up Mount Everest. Go to base camp and go as far as you can, Begley said.

Begley, who says he has been eco-friendly for nearly 30 years, recommends those interested in becoming eco-friendly begin with basic recycling efforts.

From there, Begley said, those people can begin purchasing items made from recycled goods to help support eco-friendly efforts.

The Enterprise said Begley also recommends traveling via bicycle rather than a car to help the environment, but does recognize that weather can have an impact on pedal-power.