April 27, 2009

Solar Flash Lights Helping Children Around The World

Sun Night Solar, a Houston Texas based company, is changing the lives of children around the world with solar powered flashlights.

"When you get the emails from children in the developing world. I got one in this morning from the South Pacific Islands, it's awe inspiring," says Mark Bent, CEO of SunNight Solar.

The company has reached out to over 60 countries around the world.

Bent saw the need for lighting during the 20 years he spent living and working in Africa as a military officer and for the State Department.

"Most of the places in Africa, the children are forced to work during the day just to stay alive. The ones that are lucky enough to go to school -- when they get home -- they can't read because they rely on kerosene lanterns illumination. Two billion people in the world still rely on kerosene illumination, so for education alone, it's a huge impact," says Bent.

Due to the long lasting power of the light, having the light increases children's chances to learn and the safety of the users.

"You go to the store and buy a conventional flashlight with conventional batteries, it's gonna last about 15 hours. Our flashlight lasts 5,000 hours."


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