May 5, 2009

Pfizer backs some open access publishing

Pfizer Inc. says it will provide funding to allow medical scientists in developing countries to share their research results via the Internet

The pharmaceutical firm said it and publisher BioMed Central have agreed to launch an open access waiver fund that will support automatic waivers of publication fees for authors from low-income countries, along them to publish their research articles in BioMed Central's open access journals without paying a publication fee.

Pfizer's support for open access publishing is driven by a recognition of the wide benefits of global access to the latest research results, and the crucial role that open access journals can play in the communication of those results, said Jack Watters, vice president for Pfizer's external medical affairs.

In addition, we feel that it is critically important that the benefits of scientific publication are extended to all scientists who do quality research, and that providing this access will promote much-needed recognition of research conducted in developing countries.