May 8, 2009

Dolphin Gives Birth In Captivity

The Harderwijk Dolphin Center in the Netherlands announced that a porpoise dolphin has become only the second to give birth in captivity, but the birth has left the people questioning whether its a boy or girl.

"Mum Amber and her baby, Kwin, are doing fine," the center said in a statement on Thursday.

Another porpoise was born in captivity in Denmark in 2007.

"As we don't know much about newborn porpoises, a team of Danish minders has come to help us," the statement said.

Visitors are already allowed to see the baby, however there is not any way of learning its sex for several weeks.

Also, Kwin's dad is not known for certain because "two males were swimming with Amber at the moment of conception," the dolphin center said.