June 1, 2009

High summer temps predicted for U.S. areas

The Climate Prediction Center in Camp Springs, Md., says people along the Eastern seaboard will be among the U.S. residents enduring a hot summer.

USA Today said Monday experts at the climate locale predict the U.S. seaboard stretching from Florida to Maine will face above average summer temperatures this year.

Similar high summer temperatures will likely also be found in the Desert Southwest, in Gulf Coast and the West, the prediction center said.

A fire official said while Florida and other parts of the Southeastern United States may face warmer temperatures this summer, those areas should enjoy a declined fire season.

On the plus side, they've had enough rainfall in Florida and the Southeast that they'll have a normal- to below-normal fire season, National Interagency Fire Center official Rick Ochoa told USA Today.

Meanwhile, the National Climatic Data Center has predicted Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota should be the three U.S. states enjoying summer temperatures below their season averages.