June 5, 2009

“˜Green’ Documentary Premieres Worldwide Today

World Environment Day coincides with the worldwide premiere of what the movie producers are calling "the greatest green event ever."

Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the French photographer made famous by the "Earth From The Air" books and "Seen From The Air" on TV, is debuting the environmentally friendly movie, "Home," in over 100 countries all at once.

"More than a movie, Home will be a major event," the producers said.

Filmed from a helicopter, the documentary will premier worldwide in theatres, on TV, DVD, as well as the Internet.

"The idea is to explain what's happening to the planet by beginning at the beginning, by the miracle of life on earth," the photographer-director told AFP in an interview.

The message is this: "It's too late to be a pessimist."

"Although there's a general trend towards an awareness of ecological issues, concrete action is still too little, too slow," Arthus-Bertrand says.

"In 200,000 years on earth," says the film, "humanity has upset the balance of the planet. Humanity has barely 10 years to reverse the trend."

The commentary, read by Glenn Close in English and Salma Hayek in Spanish, was edited by 2007 Nobel-prizewinner Al Gore and Lester Brown, an environmental leader.

It took nearly three years to complete the movie, filmed over 217 days in 54 countries, resulting in 488 hours of footage.

"We have the power to change so what are we waiting for?" it asks.

French movie tycoon Luc Besson is releasing the 10-million-euro ($14 million) movie, an insanely large amount of money for a documentary. The luxury consortium PPR headed by Francois Henri Pinault donated the money.

"The massive and free distribution of the film will enable anyone, anywhere, to see it, whatever their income," Pinault said.

In his interview to AFP, Arthus-Bertrand insisted that it was time to stop activities that caused 20% of the population to use up 80% of the planet's riches.

"I explain what is happening, I don't offer solutions," he said. "But we all have solutions within ourselves. "We would live better by consuming less and sharing more, and we need more courageous policies. The idea is to convince people to push politicians to action."


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