June 8, 2009

Buffalo Cloned by Indian Scientists

According to a report, scientists in the Indian state of Haryana have cloned a buffalo using foetal tissue.

The female calf, according to the Hindu newspaper, weighed 95 pounds and was born at the National Dairy Research Institute in the city of Kamal in northern India. The calf has been named "Garima."

"Garima is absolutely healthy and we are fully optimistic about her survival," institute director A.K. Srivastava was quoted as saying.

In February, India cloned the world's first buffalo. However, it died of pneumonia within a week of its birth after being created from the ear tissue of a female buffalo.

Garmia was cloned by scientists using tissue from a foetus as part of a "hand-guided cloning technique" which allows the calf's sex to be chosen.

India has the largest population of buffaloes in the world, Srivastava said, adding that cloning would increase the percentage of elite animals in the species.


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