June 8, 2009

Gore using off-stage works to aid climate

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore has moved his fight to cool the climate from center stage to behind the scenes, experts say.

Democratic strategist Chris Lehane said while Gore was previously at the forefront of the environmental movement with his documentary An Inconvenient Truth, he has since assumed a more subtle role in the effort to stem global warming, ABC News reported Monday.

Gore is playing three levels of chess on this, Lehane said. He picks and chooses his places carefully. You're more powerful when you're shaping things from the outside, from a position of your own power.

Environmental activist Daniel J. Weiss agreed that Gore has become less of a figurehead of the environmental movement, choosing instead to operate in a more powerful, but less public, position.

His work is evident; he is not, Weiss told ABC News of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate. He's being very judicious about the use of the Gore brand. It shows that this, for him, is about solving the problem and not about him.