June 17, 2009

EU, EPA Announce Tighter Energy Star Controls on Office Equipment

The European Union and the US Environmental Protection Agency announced on Wednesday a set of new energy-saving standards that would save almost as much energy as is consumed by Ireland in one year.

Set to take effect next month, the tighter measures raise the bar for energy efficiency in office supplies such as computers and printers. These devices will have to meet new Energy Star standards set by the U.S., EPA and the Department of Energy.

The goal of the new measures is to save an estimated 22 Terrawatt-hours of energy over the next four to six years.

The new criteria for computers and imaging equipment are expected to save 18 TWh and 4 TWh, respectively, in the EU alone due to purchases over the next three years, according to a statement from the EU.

Energy Star appliances are touted to save an average of between 20 and 30 percent energy.

"The new criteria are an important contribution to reach the EU's energy efficiency targets," said EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs.

"Energy Star is a very successful example of energy efficiency cooperation with the US, delivering concrete energy and CO 2 savings worldwide, while saving citizens' and enterprises' money."


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