July 6, 2009

More cool summer for U.S. northeast

Cooler than average weather patterns in the U.S. northeast, attributed to the solar cycle, will likely persist for the rest of the summer, forecasters said.

There will be spikes of summer weather, AccuWeather.com reported Monday, but weather patterns that have prevailed so far will probably last.

This year represents a low point for sunspots, NASA said. Studies indicate the lower the sunspots, the less bright the sun, which could translate to less heating of Earth, although many other factors could also be pertinent.

In addition, a dip in the jet stream during the next few weeks will keep New England, New York and the northern portions of Pennsylvania and New Jersey relatively cool. The Mid-Atlantic states will experience more warmth and less rain, AccuWeather predicts.

This summer is not expected to be another year without a summer, such as occurred in 1816 when there was massive crop destruction and killing frosts all summer, the report said.