July 8, 2009

NASA names ‘Invention of 2008′

The U.S. space agency has named its 2008 Commercial Invention of the Year -- a high temperature resin designed to create low-cost composites.

Researchers at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., created the material, which they said is ideal for the high temperatures of supersonic flight. The patented material, known as PETI-330, is used in the development of advanced composite fabrication technology for the agency's aeronautics supersonics program.

NASA said the new material is the first commercially available, off-the-shelf, high temperature resin that has processing characteristics useful for resin infusion, transfer molding and vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding manufacturing processes.

The inventors -- John Connell, Joseph Smith Jr., and Paul Hergenrother -- will be honored at the 2010 NASA Project Management Challenge in Galveston, Texas.

NASA's general counsel selects the Invention of the Year Award with technical assistance from NASA's Inventions and Contributions Board.