July 20, 2009

Milwaukee jaguar may be hope of species

Pat the jaguar, a big cat captured in Belize for rehabilitation, may be the hope of his species, officials of the Milwaukee County Zoo said Monday

The animal is part of the Jaguar Rehabilitation Program, meaning Pat was a livestock killer and was captured rather than killed.

The new efforts is not to shoot them and then the problem is gone, but to capture them and give them a chance at a second life, Chris John, a zookeeper, told WISN-TV, Milwaukee.

Pat is adapting to his second life is in Milwaukee, but still needs people to be kept back from his enclosure, John said.

The main reason for keeping Pat at the zoo is the hope he will mate with Milwaukee's female jaguar, Stella, 6, WISN reported. He may also be recruited to breed somewhere else, John said, because jaguars are endangered and there are only about 100 in U.S. zoos.