July 24, 2009

Rare pink katydid found in Ohio

A woman from Mansfield, Ohio, says she came across a rare pink katydid while trekking through the Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area.

Mansfield resident Jan Kennedy said finding the pink cricket-like creature, which are typically green, in Wyandot County, Ohio, was a unique treat, The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch said Friday.

It was like finding a new toy, Kennedy said of the katydid, which she affectionately named Pinky. To me, it's a total treasure hunt.

Kennedy's friend, Cheryl Harner, also pointed out the rarity of the insect spotted Sunday while the women were taking part in the Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalists workshop.

It's kind of like finding a pink elephant, Harner said. Something like this fills even the most jaded person with a sense of wonder.

The Dispatch said while Pinky the katydid currently resides in a terrarium, the insect will be released back into the wild at an undetermined date.