August 3, 2009

Cool July weather documented

A meteorologist in State College, Pa., has documented the un-summer like weather of July in the Northeast and Midwest.

Jesse Ferrell, a meteorologist with, found more than 1,100 daily record low temperatures were broken in July nationwide when he checked the National Climatic Data Center records. Several Midwestern cities reported their coldest July on record.

Madison, Wis., had an average temperature of 65.7 degrees, breaking the previous record of 66.7. Cincinnati, Chicago and Jackson, Ky., also broke records.

South Bend, Ind., broke its previous record with an average temperature of 68.3 degrees. South Bend had no temperature higher than 86 degrees in July, the second time this has happened in recorded history.

Abrams said a persistent pattern of storms in the upper atmosphere over Canada was pushing colder air south.