August 6, 2009

Web designers target Internet Explorer 6

Several Web designers are attempting to discourage the use of Internet Explorer 6, not the use of all Microsoft products, a Web design expert in Britain says.

Dan Oliver, editor of the British Web design magazine .net, said Microsoft itself is not the target of an ongoing campaign that accuses Internet Explorer 6 of damaging online expansion and enjoyment, CNN reported Thursday.

This isn't an anti-Microsoft campaign, Oliver said. Microsoft makes some fantastic products. The latest version of their browser is a good browser. But with regards to IE 6 ... (it) is an awful browser and no one should be using it.

CNN reported two Web monitors said up to 25 percent of online visitors use the Microsoft Web browser to access the Internet.

Microsoft itself is not promoting the use of Internet Explorer 6, instead encouraging Internet users to switch to a modern version of the U.S. company's famed Web browser.

Microsoft has consistently recommended that consumers upgrade to the latest version of our browser, Microsoft said in a statement to CNN. Internet Explorer 8 offers improvements in speed, security and reliability as well as new features designed for the way people use the Web.