August 7, 2009

Texas woman delivers sextuplets

Five of six babies born less than six months into their mother's pregnancy were holding their own Friday after a sixth died, relatives in Humble, Texas, said.

The sextuplets were born to Amanda and Thomas Stansel Tuesday night, just 23 weeks into her pregnancy, which doctors said was the minimum age for the infants to remain safe outside the womb, The Houston Chronicle reported.

At birth, the two boys and four girls weighed from 12 ounces to just more than a pound, the babies' uncle Dan Stansel said. One of the boys died Thursday night.

It's been a struggle, Stansel said. Amanda Stansel was in good shape and was expected to leave the Woman's Hospital of Texas Saturday, he said.

Amanda Stansel, 32, a diabetic and thyroid cancer survivor, conceived in March with the help of fertility treatments. As Mormons, the couple decided against reducing the number of embryos, as doctors suggested when they found out Stansel was pregnant with sextuplets.

Through prayer, we felt confident about our decision, the couple wrote on their Web site.