August 10, 2009

Possibly tainted foods seized in Louisiana

U.S. marshals, at the request of the Food and Drug Administration, have seized $72,000 worth of possibly tainted tuna salad sandwiches and other foods.

The action taken Friday at the Bearden Sandwich Company Inc. -- doing business as the Southern Belle Sandwich Co. -- in Baton Rouge, La., was initiated because the products had been prepared, packed and held under unsanitary conditions that might have contaminated the foods with filth or rendered them injurious to the public's health, the FDA said.

FDA inspectors said they had found evidence of widespread and active rodent and insect infestation, filthy conditions and poor employee practices, such as allowing food-processing utensils to lie on the floor near live insects.

The company distributes products to convenience and retail stores in southern Louisiana; Mobile, Ala.; Montgomery, Ala.; and Crestview, Fla.