August 13, 2009

T-Rex To Be Auctioned Off In Vegas

The auction house Bonhams & Butterfields recently announced that a rare Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is to go on the auction block in Las Vegas in October.

The T-Rex, which is known as "Samson" - among the most complete specimens in the world - is believed to be 66 million years old and was discovered in the midwestern state of South Dakota in 1992.

"We have been able to establish that we have approximately a 57 percent complete T-Rex, which means the third most complete ever found," said Thomas Lindgren, consulting co-director of Natural History in Bonhams & Butterfields.

"I think my estimate is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of six to eight million dollars," he said.

He added that the owners of the 39-foot-long skeleton hope "a public museum or institution would be the buyer."

In 1997 the T-Rex skeleton "Sue", which is 73 percent complete, sold for $8.3 million and now resides at The Field Museum in Chicago, IL.

Dozens of other fossils are also scheduled to be on the auction block, which will be held in the Venetian hotel-casino in Las Vegas.


Image Caption: Tyrannosaurus specimen AMNH 5027 at the American Museum of Natural History. Courtesy Wikipedia


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