August 15, 2009

Wild golden eagle dies at age 22

Britain's oldest known wild golden eagle has died on the isle of Jura at age 22, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said.

The bird was banded on the isle of Mull in 1987 when it was still a chick, said Roger Broad, the society member who tagged the bird.

It's actually very nice to hear about a bird that's had such a long life, and to be told about it in a situation like this when there are absolutely no suspicious circumstances whatsoever, Broad told the BBC in a story aired Saturday.

The bird, believed to have died of natural causes, was found by a member of the public who turned the carcass over to society members.

The previous oldest wild eagle in Britain lived to be 16. In captivity, golden eagles have been known to live for more than 40 years, the BBC reported.