August 18, 2009

Plastic semiconductor is created

U.S. scientists say they have created an organic polymer semiconductor that transports both positive and negative charges.

University of Washington researchers said their plastic circuit was created by solution casting of a newly developed plastic that conducts electricity and holds promise for cheaper, thinner and more flexible electronics.

The new technology -- already available in the new Sony Walkman and the Microsoft Zune HD music player -- incorporates organic light-emitting electronic displays.

The organic semiconductors developed over the past 20 years have one important drawback. It's very difficult to get electrons to move through, said Professor Samson Jenekhe, who led the study. By now having polymer semiconductors that can transmit both positive and negative charges, it broadens the available approaches. This would certainly change the way we do things.

The research that included doctoral student Felix Kim, graduate student Xugang Guo and University of Kentucky Assistant Professor Mark Watson is to appear as the cover article in an upcoming issue of the journal Advanced Materials.