September 1, 2009

Cloned Wolf Dies At age 4

A professor said on Tuesday that a wolf he cloned about four years ago has died from an infection.

Shin Nam-Shik of Seoul National University told journalists that Snuwolf was found dead on August 26th at Seoul Zoo.

Snuwolf is believed to have died from an infection, according to Shin.  "But we can't say anything for certain until we complete the analysis of autopsy results."

He said that the death is not linked to a faulty cloning technique.   "Sudden deaths among dogs and wild animals always happen. This death must not be blown out of proportion," Shin stressed.

Shin is a member of the team from the university led by Professor Lee Byung-Chun who created the world's first cloned dogs in 2005.

The team successfully cloned two female wolves, Snuwolf and Snuwolfy, which were born in October 2005.  Shin said Snuwolfy is still alive and healthy at the zoo.


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