September 9, 2009

Steve Irwin’s Father Warns Against Importing Roo Meat To China

Bob Irwin, father of the late television personality and conservationist Steve Irwin, is calling on China to disallow importing kangaroo meat for consumption.

"We wouldn't eat your pandas, so please don't eat our kangaroos. Come and see them," Irwin said.

He said that importing kangaroo meat to the Asian market would result in a dwindling kangaroo population, which could hurt Australia's tourism industry.

"The Chinese are one of our biggest visitors and kangaroos are one of their favorite attractions. If they were to start eating kangaroos, we predict that within a few years there won't be any left in the wild for them to see," Irwin said.

According to AFP, John Kelly, executive officer of the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia, said export to China would begin during the first half of next year.

"They're slow breeders and the numbers are critical at the moment so we're terrified at what happens if China opens their door to it," Australia Society for Kangaroos coordinator Nikki Sutterby said.

"We're trying to get the buying public and the international community to boycott it like they have done with seals and other barbaric trades."

As of August 1, Russia barred exports of kangaroo meat in addition to meats from other countries due to sanitary concerns.


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