October 1, 2009

Field Museum to house woolly mammoth

An almost fully preserved woolly mammoth discovered in Siberia will makes its U.S. debut at Chicago's Field Museum of National History, officials say.

Daniel Fisher, lead curator of the Mammoths and Mastodons exhibit coming to the Field Museum next spring, said the baby mammoth nicknamed Lyuba will be a great addition to the museum, the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday.

We had hoped to be able to present the best of the best, Fisher said. And we've got the best of the best.

The mammoth was discovered in Siberia in May 2007 after nearly 40,000 years in the arctic region. Since the discovery of the animal, whose species is extinct, it has been studied in both Japan and Russia and featured in National Geographic magazine.

Field Museum spokeswoman Emily Waldren told the Tribune that Lyuba, who is believed to have died following a fall during its first month of life, will be on display from March through September of next year.