October 4, 2009

Many Think Kangaroo Cull Unethical

Environmentalists and animals rights activists were furious Friday when a group of eastern grey kangaroos were culled on one of Australia's race car tracks due to safety risks, according to an AFP report.

The local council said it authorized the 140 eastern grey kangaroos to be shot on the mountain for the first time this year. The cull, carried out under license from the NSW Parks and Wildlife Service, has at least halved the areas kangaroo population, according to the NSW Government estimates.

But environmentalists are concerned about the loss of young joeys.

"In previous years we've been able to maintain safety by other methods," says David Sherley, council's general manager, "but the population has been rising for a while now."

Politician Lee Rhiannon says, "There are other, more humane and ethical ways of managing the possible safety risks. The council could herd the kangaroos away before the race to provide safety for them and motorists."

The NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change said the cull had been carried out under license and the contractors hired for the shoot had followed the guidelines closely.


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