October 5, 2009

ESA issues a call for scientific proposals

The European Space Agency says it is extending an opportunity to scientists to submit proposals for the eighth Earth Explorer mission.

By focusing on science and research, the Earth Explorer series of missions is being flown to improve our understanding of how the Earth system works and how human activity affects natural Earth processes, the space agency said. Earth Explorer missions fall into two categories: Core and Opportunity. Core missions respond directly to specific areas of public concern and are selected through widespread consultation with the science community. Opportunity missions are lower-cost satellites that are relatively quick to build and fly so that they can respond to areas of urgent environmental concern.

The current call for proposals invites scientists from all 18 ESA Member States and Canada to submit proposals to be evaluated as a potential Opportunity mission. The aim is to launch the mission by 2018. The deadline for submitting an initial letter of intent is Dec. 1.

More information about project is available at http://esaeopus.ejr-quartz.biz/.