October 13, 2009

Global Warming To Bring More Rain To Taiwan

A leading climate scientist has warned that Taiwan may face a three-fold increase in the amount of rain received over the next two decades due to climate change.

Liu Shaw-chen of Taiwan's leading research institute Academia Sinica, issued the report on Tuesday, stating that the government needed to step up its flood prevention efforts.

"The government will need to enhance its land planning and flood prevention measures since we'll be seeing more and more typhoon Morakots in the future," said Liu, the head of the institute's Research Center for Environmental Changes.

Liu's report comes just two months after the massive Morakot Typhoon hit Taiwan, killing more than 600 people.

The report showed that temperatures in Taipei, Taiwan's capital city, have risen, with the number of days with "excessive heat" over 97 degrees Fahrenheit, has doubled since 1961.

Liu says that climate change has caused Taiwan's rate of rainfall to double over the past 45 years, but the rate is continuing growth.


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