October 14, 2009

Unique Fossil Find In China May Reveal New Kind Of Dinosaur

Paleontologists in China might have unearthed a new kind of dinosaur in what is thought to be the world's biggest collection of dinosaur bones, announced the media on Wednesday.

Scientists in Zhucheng city have been digging for a while in a gully that is littered with thousands of fossils, the Jilu Evening News wrote.

Paleontologists think that a skeleton, currently being shipped to the China Academy of Sciences in Beijing, might end up being a new kind of dinosaur.

They already found the largest known to date "duck-billed dinosaur," and also dug up Asia's first known ceratopsidae, or a giant horned dinosaur.

The fossils are located in an area known for several similar discoveries, with two leading digs happening in the area since 1964.

Experts think that the unearthing of so many fossils in such a crowded area may offer clues on how the animals became extinct.

Scientists are in the process of labeling the bones of an ankylosaurus, tyrannosaurus and coelurus, with a lot of the bones dating to 70 million years ago.