October 29, 2009

Japanese Scooter Drives 3,000 Yards On A Penny

A Japanese zero-emission "hybrid" scooter available in 2010 drives 10 times as cheaply as a gas powered bike, its developer announced on Thursday.

The Miletto, built by auto equipment producer PROSTAFF Co. Ltd., will cost $1,730 dollars and is available in 12 colors, the company said.

"It normally runs with battery power, but on a steep hill the rider would work the pedals to assist," said Ryo Teranishi, a planning official for the corporation, to Yahoo News.

"It's a zero-emission vehicle in itself but this hybrid of an electric motor and manpower makes it even more environmentally friendly."

With a 2 to 4 hour charge, the Miletto can drive for 22 miles on a road without the driver having to pedal.

That means it can drive over 3,000 yards on one cent of gas, which is 10 times as cheap as a regular gas powered scooter.