November 4, 2009

GM Coexistence Experts In Melbourne

More than 200 experts on GM and non-GM coexistence will converge on Melbourne next week as part of the GMCC-09 conference.

Conference chair, Professor German Spangenberg, says GMCC-09 will provide an opportunity to showcase world-leading science on the development and implementation of coexistence frameworks.

"Coexistence between GM and non-GM crops will be considered across the entire agricultural supply chains," said Professor Spangenberg.

"The conference will be a truly international experience, with confirmed speakers from over 20 countries."

"This provides an excellent opportunity for the scientific community working in this area to share best-practice experiences and provide insights into how coexistence is handled across the world."

"The conference will also include presentations from experts on coexistence in anticipation of new GM crop releases."

Professor Spangenberg said that GMCC-09 will include speakers from across research, industry and policy.

"We are particularly excited to have attracted world-leading experts to cover a range of themes including the global status of coexistence, the socioeconomics of coexistence, managing coexistence in farming systems and the marketplace".

For a full list of speakers or more information, visit the website