December 7, 2009

EPA Taking Baby Steps To Fight US Global Warming

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that greenhouse gases are harmful to people's health and must be curbed, implying that the White House will most likely fight global warming without the congressional green light if crucial.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson will talk to the press later on Monday to discuss the findings, officials said to The Associated Press.

The announcement will be made to boost the administration's statements at the Copenhagen conference that the US is assertively making strides to fight global warming.

Under a Supreme Court ruling, the endangerment ruling is required before the EPA can standardize carbon dioxide gases released from power plants, companies and automobiles.

The EPA implied in April that it saw pollution as a hazard to the public's health and started taking strides in fighting it. These kinds of public statements are a 360 degree change from the Bush Administration, who rejected aggressive steps to confront the issue.

Several companies dislike fighting global warming through the regulatory procedure like the Clean Air Act. Lawsuits are certain to follow any such EPA steps.

The EPA and the White House have said rules covering greenhouse gases are not looming, as the administration wants Congress to restrict pollution through an economy-wide slow down.

The EPA's willingness to undertake climate change is anticipated to increase the arguments being made at the Copenhagen conference that the US is committed to fighting the climate change.


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