December 13, 2009

Endangered Rhinos Returned To Wild

Four endangered Northern White rhinos are to be transferred to a Kenyan reserve in a desperate attempt to save the species.

Dana Holeckova, director of the Dvur-Kralove zoo in central Czech Republic said, "We must offer them this last chance, in their natural environment in Africa."

There's only eight remaining Northern White rhinos in existence all living in captivity, six at Dvur-Kralove and two more at San Diego Zoo in the United States.

The last reported birth was in 2000 at Dvur-Kralove.

Holeckova said they hope returning the animals to the wild will affect the hormonal levels of the females and allow them to start breeding.

The four being returned, two males and two females, will be transferred by air on December 19th.

The Northern White rhinos were poached off for their horns which are highly prized for Asian medicines.

Image Courtesy Wikipedia