December 16, 2009

Poll: Americans Unfazed By Climate Change Concerns

A new survey shows that 49% of Americans are not worried about climate change, while 35% are very concerned about the polarizing issue.

Zogby's newest poll indicates that the amount of people not worried increased 10% from 2007, while 48% said they were highly concerned.

The survey coincides with the United Nations climate change conference, as global warming warning continue to grow.

Former US Vice President Al Gore assisted in raising understanding of climate change thanks to his documentary "An Inconvenient Truth."

"Well, I think people respond to what is going on around them. In the last couple of years, especially in the Eastern part of the United States, weather patterns have been quite normal," said Stephen Harned, executive director for the National Weather Association, to Reuters.

Harned, who referred to cold winters and cool summers, said that the lack of warm weather is most likely changing the public's perception.

"But I think the record is pretty firm that global air temperatures are increasing," Harned said. "The amount of carbon dioxide in the air is also increasing."

Still, "it's a fact that there has been warming of the earth's atmospheric temperatures in the past few years," Harned noted.

Harned did state clearly that the currently popular doomsday scenarios are unreasonable. Sea levels will not overflow in the next 10 years, even as glaciers continue to melt at a rapid pace.

"But in the next 50 to 100 years -- and hopefully I won't be here -- that is what's going to happen," Harned stressed. "And that is where the controversy comes into play."


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