December 24, 2009

Almost 200 Crocodiles Captured In Australia

Officials say Australian rangers seized almost 200 saltwater crocodiles this year in concern for the safety of the residents.

196 of the deadly reptiles were picked up in the northern city of Darwin, the largest a 16 foot male.

Regional director of Conservation and Wildlife, Brett Easton, told AFP, "Once captured they are taken to a crocodile farm where they live a long and lazy life."

The government removed 190 "salties" last year from waterways near residential, recreation and swimming areas. Easton said some of the crocodiles were found too close to residential areas, such as storm drains and swimming areas.

Easton said flooding in the wet season has allowed the crocs to move more freely through areas they would usually avoid.

"In the Northern Territory we all live fairly close to water and saltwater crocodiles are not unusual in our waters," he said.

Two people, including a young girl, were killed in crocodile attacks this year.