February 9, 2010

NSF Launches Open Government Web Page

Agency seeks citizen input to create Open Government Plan

On Saturday, Feb. 6, the National Science Foundation launched a new interactive Web page designed to encourage participation and collaboration between the agency and the citizens it serves.  Additional information about this activity, as well as a link to the OpenNSF dialogue, is accessible at www.nsf.gov/open. The dialogue page is open for ideas and comments from Feb. 6-March 19.

In working to achieve the transparency, public participation and collaboration outlined by the Obama Administration's Open Government Directive, agencies across the government have established Open Government Web pages to collect ideas and suggestions from the public.

NSF's Open Government Web page will allow members of the public to submit ideas, comment on and vote for ideas proposed, and flag posts that are off-topic. In addition to welcoming general ideas and comments, NSF specifically seeks input regarding access to large data sets and collaborations that aim to facilitate transformative research.  The agency will incorporate submitted ideas and suggestions into an official Open Government Plan, to be published on April 7, 2010. This plan will serve as the "road map" for our efforts to improve transparency, better integrate public participation and collaboration into our core mission, and become more innovative and efficient.

Additional information on the Open Government Directive can be found on the White House Web site at http://www.whitehouse.gov/Open