March 21, 2010

Wild Horse Round-Up Questioned by Activists

In Nevada, activists are questioning the rising death toll of a government roundup of wild horses from a range north of Reno.

JoLynn Worley, a U.S. Bureau of Land Management spokeswoman, said 77 mustangs involved in the Calico Mountains Complex roundup have died "“ 70 of the horses at a Fallon facility, where they were taken, and the rest at the roundup site.

That is double the amount of the 39 horses that died with the roundup of 1,922 horses on February 5.

Horse activists say the government measures to deal with the situation are questionable.

Worley said the deaths are mostly due to the poor body condition of the mares that were sent to Fallon, where the animals were being prepared for adoption or transfer to pastures in the Midwest.


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