March 24, 2010

New Gecko Species Discovered

Scientists announced Wednesday that a new species of gecko has been found in the lower regions of the Cardamom Mountains in southwest Cambodia.

Cnemaspis neangthyi, the official name of the gecko, is olive colored with light blotches each containing a central black dot. Geckos are a species of lizard found in warm climates and are known for their unique chirping noises.

Fauna and Flora International (FFI) said the Cardamom Mountains are home to many endangered species found nowhere else in the world. The forested regions there are well preserved and mostly unexplored.

FFI researcher Neang Thy, whom the gecko is named after, told AFP "there are likely many more species to be discovered in the Cardamom Mountains." The Cardamoms cover more than 5 million acres of forest and are home to at least 62 threatened animal species.

The forests of the Cardamom Mountains, an important region for biodiversity conservation in Asia, are under extreme pressure from development.


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