June 27, 2010


Dear Editor,

As CEO of  Global Bioenergies, I wish to exercise our right of reply concerning the article in Redorbit, published June 24, 2010, on the conversion of renewable resources into the hydrocarbon gas isobutylene, a key building block for manufacturing fuels and elastomers (1).

In this article, prior art is ignored and only the recent work by Dr. Thomas Bobik from Iowa State University, describing a  reaction catalyzed by an undisclosed enzyme for generating isobutylene under gaseous form, is evoked.

Yet, over the past two years, Global Bioenergies has precisely developed such an innovative enzymatic reaction releasing isobutylene, as well as a metabolic process for industrializing the conversion of carbohydrates into various alkenes.

Dr. Bobik's quotations in the Redorbit article, and the summary of his research posted on the web site of Iowa State University (2), include not a single argument that has not previously been explicitly stated either on our web site www.global-bioenergies.com or in our press releases.

The specifics of the reaction that Global Bioenergies exploits to convert hydroxy-methylbutyric acid (aka beta-hydroxyisovalerate) to isobutylene (aka isobutene) are formally described in a patent filed in 2008 and published in January 2010 (3). Several other patents are pending.

Considering the economic, environmental and technological potential of isobutylene bioproduction, we are confident that Redorbit will act to accurately and fully inform its readership.

Yours sincerely,

Marc Delcourt, CEO
Global Bioenergies S.A.

1. http://new.www.redorbit.com/news/science/1884340/isu_researcher_develops_green_biobased_process_for_producing_fuel_additive/index.html?source=r_science

2. http://www.techtransfer.iastate.edu/documents/630141273854707764.pdf

3. WO2010001078