August 9, 2010

Scientists Unearth 1,000 Year Old Indian Hunting Complex

Archaeologists say they have discovered a former hunting complex where bison were stampeded over a cliff at least 1,000 years ago on the Blackfeet Indian reservation in northwestern Montana.

The researchers said the 9-mile-long area contains a well-preserved "drive line" system that funnels bison to their deaths, along with bison bones and the remnants of campsites with hundreds of tepee rings.

The dig site is on a remote plateau that overlooks the Two Medicine River.  The scientists say it could become one of the most significant Blackfeet heritage sites in the area.

Indians harvested bison hundreds of years ago by stampeding them over cliffs.

John Murray, the Blackfeet Tribe's historic preservation officer, said the discovery will help tribal members understand more of their history.