October 10, 2010

The Search Is On For China’s Own Bigfoot

Scientists and explorers from China are seeking international help to launch a widespread hunt for the country's answers to Sasquatch, known as the "Yeren," or "wild man."

At least 400 people have reported sightings of the Yeren -- a half-man, half-ape creature -- in a remote, mountainous region in the central province of Hubei, according to state news agency Xinhua.

After several expeditions were conducted in the 70s and 80s - with findings of hair, footprints, excrement and a nesting area suspected of belonging to the beast - there was never any solid proof of its existence.

Eyewitnesses describe the creature as walking upright, more than 6-feet 7-inches tall and having gray, red or black hair all over its body, Xinhua said.

Now, scientists from the Hubei Wild Man Research Association are asking for volunteers from around the world to come join the latest expedition to hunt down the elusive Yeren.

Luo Baosheng, vice president of the research group, said there will be a lot of hard work involved and they are looking for devoted team members to join in the search.

The team, however, needs to come up with $1.5 million US (10 million Yuan) before they can begin, and is talking to companies and other agencies to come up with the funding. Until funding is appropriated, the group says there is no timetable set for when the search may begin, Xinhua reported.

China has had its share of cryptozoological tales, from Loch Ness monster-like creatures living in remote lakes, to the famed Abominable Snowman or "Yeti" living in the high mountainous regions of Tibet.


Image Caption: Inscription in cliff face next to the entrance of the "Yeren Cave" in Western Hubei Province, China. The inscription reads "Ye Ren Dong" ("Wild Man Cave"). Credit: Rolf Mller/Wikipedia