December 1, 2010

Live From The South Pole With KSTF Teaching Fellow, Katherine Shirey

Katherine Shirey, a high school physics teacher from Arlington, Virginia, has traveled to the ends of the earth to work on IceCube, the world's largest neutrino telescope made entirely out of ice. She has endured temperatures of -35 degrees Fahrenheit, 24 hours of daylight, and extreme altitudes all in the name of science.

Students nationwide have been following Katherine's adventure through her blog.

As the country's teaching ambassador at the South Pole, Ms. Shirey has posed and answered a number of questions aimed at fueling students' scientific curiosity.  Can the solar ovens that her students designed bake cupcakes in the South Pole?  How will her blood be affected by the Pole's austere climate, extreme temperatures, and 24 hour sunlight?

Now it's your turn to tune into the IceCube experience and have your questions answered in real time. Learn about one of the greatest research projects of our time while you get a taste of what it's like to live and work in the South Pole.

The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) invites you and your students to experience polar science without leaving your computer.

LIVE with Katey Shirey at the South Pole Webinar

Thursday, December 2, 2010

12:15 PM EST (9:15 AM PST, 10:15 AM MST, 11:15 AM CST)

To register visit: http://polartrec.com/expeditions/icecube-in-ice-antarctic-telescope-2010