Translate.us’s New Tool is Expected to Revolutionize the Globalization Market

December 31, 2010

To satisfy the demand for translation webservices and customer support localization projects, Translate.us has developed an innovative new product, Localized E-Mail Support, to provide seamless e-mail translation services that will be transparent to both the support group and the customer.

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 29, 2010

As companies venture further into the global marketplace, they inevitably build a diverse customer base that speaks a wide variety of native languages. While much of the world is comfortable visiting websites developed in the English language, most customers would prefer to ask questions and receive answers in their mother tongue. Because it is cost-prohibitive for most companies to hire a multi-lingual support staff at the level that would be required to support a fully-globalized operation, they often rely on the translation webservices supplied by Translate.us.

In the past, this has involved submitting orders on an as-needed basis and waiting for the order to be completed. While this process fulfilled the translation requirements, there was a built-in time lag. With the release of the L.E.S. Tool, the order submission and fulfillment process is fully automated and integrated with the customer’s support platform to eliminate delays. The L.E.S. Tool is truly the next-generation product for the translation webservices and customer support localization industry.

Kirill Dziouba, the CEO of Translate.us, had this to say about The L.E.S. Tool, “Our latest product is the first of its kind. Because Translate.us is the only company to offer this exclusive technology to our customers, they will have a distinct advantage over their competition. Not only will they be able to quickly implement this easy solution, but they will also reap the benefits of the lowest possible translation cost. This all-in-one globalization package will allow our clients to expand into new global areas right now at a fraction of the cost that other solutions bring to the table. The L.E.S. Tool will not only globalize your company faster and cheaper, but it will also improve your bottom line.”

When asked about plans for future development projects, Mr. Dziouba revealed this interesting information, “At Translate.us, we are always improving our translation tools and customer support localization methodologies. Although The L.E.S. Tool has been successful in its initial stages, we are already in the design phase for the next version of this unique tool. While we are not ready to reveal the full details of the planned enhancements, we believe that the updated look and feel along with the increased functionality of the next release will provide an even better experience for our clients, their support staff, and, most importantly, for their final customer. In addition to creating the next generation of The L.E.S. Tool, our developers are also working on additional ground-breaking tools to make our translation services more accessible to every business or organization that participates in international activities. The globalization and localization experts at Translate.us understand that this process can be difficult for many companies whether they are new to this trend or have already started down the localization path. It is our goal to provide new methods to make our client’s customer support localization effort as smooth and trouble-free as possible.”

The Translate.us Vice President of Development, Eyal Furman, made these comments about the development effort that goes into creating each one of the company’s exclusive translation tools and the difference that they make, “Our customers are often surprised by their early experiences with Translate.us. During their initial evaluation of our company, it quickly becomes clear that we are very different from the typical translation agency that they are accustomed to using for their linguistic needs. They are amazed and encouraged by the level of technology that we use to meet their specific requirements. As a Translation Technology company, our tools are both innovative and unique within the industry. Our current tools have positioned us several levels above any other translation and localization company, and the new products that are currently in the final testing phase are expect to propel Translate.us, and our customers, into the future of the global marketplace. We are working hard to develop new translation tools that will offer our clients a better, easier, and more affordable solution without compromising the quality of the translation at any point.”

In addition to The L.E.S. Tool, Translate.us offers a full menu of translation services. Although they are well-known for their translation webservices and customer support localization tools, they also offer traditional translation services that companies and individuals from around the globe use to convert documents, articles, and other written material from one language to another. Their strategy is to use native-speaking translators from every country in the world who are knowledgeable in all areas of the target language and fluent in the source language. This allows for cultural differences, local phrasing patterns, and legal requirements to be accounted for in the final product.

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