January 1, 2011

Billy The Kid Will Not Be Pardoned

The outgoing Governor of New Mexico decided not to issue a posthumous pardon to the notorious Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid on his last day in office.

Governor Bill Richardson had been asked to pardon the bandit to fulfill a promise of clemency in exchange for testifying in a murder case.

He announced on Friday that he declined because of insufficient details about the pact between Garrett and the outlaw.

According to the legend, Henry "Billy the Kid" McCarty killed 21 people, one for each year of his life.

He was shot dead in 1881 by Sheriff Patrick Garrett after killing two deputies and escaping from jail.

Bill the Kid had been sentenced to hang.

The office created a website in mid-December after Albuquerque attorney Randi McGinn petitioned for a pardon, contending New Mexico Territorial Governor Lew Wallace promised one in return for the Kid's testimony in a murder case against three men.

McGinn said the point is not who was killed, but whether a government has to keep its promise.

Richardson's office had received 809 emails and letters in the survey that ended on Dec. 26, with 430 arguing for the pardon and 370 opposing it.