January 3, 2011

Arkansas Officials Baffled By Falling Blackbirds

More than a thousand blackbirds rained down to the ground in the small town of Beebe, Arkansas New Year's Eve, perplexing wildlife officials as to how the birds ended up dying.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said in a Facebook posting Sunday that the birds, which alarmed residents in the small town as they mysteriously piled up on homes and lawns, would be tested to find what caused their deaths.

Authorities said they had no immediate answer as to why the birds fell from the sky, and would test them on Monday.

Some scientists speculate that the flock of blackbirds could have been struck by high-altitude hail, or may have been startled by fireworks, according to an Arkansas Times report.

Also, a statement made on the Commission's website states that "another scenario may have been that New Year's Eve revelers shooting off fireworks in the area may have startled the birds from their roost. The birds may have died from stress."


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