January 17, 2011

Paper Making Becomes Cheaper And Greener

A new pulp-making technology will replace current high-polluting chemical processes if a Taiwan company has its way.

A leading Taiwanese paper company, Yuen Foong Yu Group collaborated with Taiwanese universities to develop this cleaner process to make paper pulp, the Economic Daily News said on its website on Sunday.

Yuen Foong Yu is to introduce what it says is "revolutionary" technology to its plant in Yangzhou. The technology is considered environmentally friendly as it uses wheat and rice stalks, which have long been thrown away and will result in fewer trees being cut down, the conglomerate's chairman Ho Shou-chuan was cited as saying.

The normal wood pulp manufacturing process uses 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of lumber to make 20 kilograms of paper, but the new technology can turn the same quantity of stalk pulp into four times as much paper, the report said. Last year, it invested $8 million to set up a new factory there to make the modern paper pulp, the newspaper said.

"The new manufacturing process will be more energy saving and cause less carbon dioxide," Ho said. Production is expected to begin during the second half of this year, he added.