World’s Oldest Diamond Family’s Alan Blom Passes Baton to Donna Root

February 26, 2011

Alan Blom chooses Donna Root for strategic partnership to sell both natural diamonds and cultured diamonds grown from diamond seeds directly to jewelry consumers.

Hollywood, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) February 24, 2011

Today, Donna Root announced her strategic partnership with diamond industry expert, Alan Blom, whose family is the oldest diamond family in the world, established in 1630. This strategic partnership establishes Donna Root and her company Diamonds by Donna, as the first company in the world to offer consumers both natural diamonds and cultured diamonds which are grown from diamond seeds.

Diamonds by Donna redefines perfection by offering the perfect marriage of nature and science. Previous to the new diamond growing method now offered exclusively by Diamonds by Donna, diamonds were only mined out of the earth. Their groundbreaking approach brings stunning, chemically, optically and physically perfect diamonds, in white and an array of vibrant colors, to the jewelry market in a matter of days, instead of the years required for natural diamond growth and mining ““ allowing Diamonds by Donna to offer consumers a choice.

Donna’s diamond journey began when she decided that as a successful, single woman she wanted to buy herself a piece of quality diamond jewelry.

“I went out to buy myself something elegant that also had value,” said Donna Root. “I was amazed at the differences in quality, integrity, information and pressure from store to store. Instead of making a purchase, I made a decision to educate myself all about diamonds.”

The strategic partnership to natural and cultured diamonds grown with diamond seeds started when Donna turned to her good friend Alan Blom, member of one of the oldest diamond family in the world, established in 1630, for assistance and advice.

“I am excited about my strategic partnership with Donna Root, she is an amazing woman and we are looking forward to growing and expanding together all over the world,” Alan Blom, diamond industry expert.

“What I learned about diamonds from expert Alan Blom about the jewelry industry would shock and surprise people who make quality jewelry purchases,” said Donna Root. “As an entrepreneur ready for a change I realized I could fill a large gap between the diamond industry and consumers by providing a resource for value, fair-pricing and the honest, sparkling beauty that comes from both natural and cultured diamonds.”

“My plan to treat myself to a diamond that day turned into a strategic partnership with Alan Blom and then to starting Diamonds by Donna with Jon R. Moss,” said Donna Root. “Now I not only have my cake but I can also share it with others who deserve the same sparkle only quality diamond jewelry can offer.”

Now known as Diamond Donna Root, Donna helps consumers understand the choices they have when buying diamonds, fine jewelry, and accessories. Diamonds by Donna offers the highest quality cultured and earth-grown diamonds as well as custom fine jewelry and accessories.

Diamonds by Donna redefines perfection by offering the perfect marriage of nature and science with both earth-grown diamonds and cultured diamonds grown from diamond seeds. For more details please visit http://www.diamondsbydonnaattheoscars.com/ or for more personalized service, please call 877-778-0646.

Diamond Donna Root founder of Diamonds by Donna is known as “Diamond Donna” as much for her sparkling personality as for her innovative leadership in the billion dollar diamond industry. As an author, lecturer, speaker, entrepreneur and talk show host, Diamond Donna shares her message about achieving transformational growth. For more information about Donna Root, please visit http://www.donnaroot.com or http://www.gettingpastyou.com.

About Alan Blom: As an expert in the diamond industry, Alan Blom comes from a family that has been an integral part of the diamond industry since 1630. Alan Bloom has been passed generations of knowledge and skills produced by the Blom family tradition of excellence, master diamond cutters, and progressive diamond industry innovation. Alan Blom has strategically partnered with Diamond Donna Root to share earth-grown and cultured diamonds directly with consumers. http://www.blominternational.com http://www.diamondsbydonnaattheoscars.com/

About Jon R. Moss: Jon R. Moss is a Utah-based business owner, investor, and entrepreneur with experience in industries ranging from commercial janitorial to fashion. Moss owns RBM Building Services, the largest locally-owned janitorial company in the state of Utah and has partnered with Diamonds by Donna, the first company in the world to offer both earth-grown and cultured diamonds directly to consumers. Please visit http://www.jonrmoss.com or http://www.diamondsbydonna.com.

For media information please visit http://www.DiamondsbyDonna.com or contact: Kim Power Stilson at 801-358-3649 or kim(at)powerstrategies(dot)TV.

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